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Hung and uncut Tony

Amateur with a fat uncut cock

Sometimes we receive pictures without any comments or just a short note. Usually we choose not to post those pictures, but we will gladly make an exception for this hot guy. From the email address, we can tell this pic was submitted by a girl, so we assume this guy is straight. The only information we received, is that Tony is a real jerk. Not sure what this guy has done, but with such a fat uncut cock, we don’t really have to know. We’re always willing to post hot hung guys!

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Uncut army boy Luke

Uncut army boy Luke

Most of the people who send in pictures of their naked boyfriends are pissed off ex boyfriends (or girlfriends). This time, we got a nice mail from three army boys and they asked us to post this picture of their buddy Luke. They told us, Luke always pranks others and this is their payback. Well, he is kinda cute and we love uncut cocks, so why not? At your service, boys!

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Hairy boyfriend Paul

Hairy guy with uncut cock

Here’s Paul, a 26 year old guy from Germany. His ex boyfriend submitted this picture, cause Paul cheated on him multiple times. It seems a lot of guys were interested in his furry body and his uncut cock. Paul seems to have a really tight foreskin, which I love. So, thanks for sharing your ex boyfriend!

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Hung army boy Jake

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Today, we have a hot marine to expose. He has been out of the country for almost a year and in the meantime his girlfriend was waiting for him to come home. When he finally returned, he broke up with her. She says he’s a jerk for letting her waiting for that long, only to end the relationship with her. That must feel pretty bad indeed. Thanks to the ex girlfriend, we can now enjoy this hot marine and his thick cock.

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Hung boyfriend Robbie

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Oooooh we got another hot amateur boy with a nice sized dick! Meet Robbie. He has taken a lot of mirror pics in his bathroom. Nothing awkward about that, but when he gave away his old camera to one of his friends, he totally forgot about the nude pics that were still on the camera. Well, I am really sure if you would still call that person a friend, since he uploaded Robbie’s pictures. Not that it matters, we like his cute face, big bush and long cock!

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Hung boyfriend Charles

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Charles is a 20 year old guy from Minnesota. He has a beautiful thick cock. He used to date Melissa, but when she found out he was sending nude pictures to other girls, she broke up with him. She saved the photos she found and that’s how Charles ended up in our mailbox. Thanks girl, too bad you lost such a delicious cock though!

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