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Ex boyfriend Gregory

Gregory jerks his big cock

Gregory is from California. He used to work as an escort boy, but when he met his boyfriend he promised he would quit his job. After a few months it turned out he had never stopped and is still working as an escort secretely. Not only did he lie to his boyfriend, but he also shared that beautiful big cock with other guys. His boyfriend dumped him and shared his pictures with us. Thanks!

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Ex boyfriend / colleague Mark

Amateur boy shows his cock

Meet Mark. He is the former chief of the girl who has sent us this photo. He’s also her ex-boyfriend. They were dating while they worked together at the same office and Mark let the girl take pictures of him showing off his private parts. When the girl found out he was actually married, she broke up with him. A month later, she was fired. Sad story girl, but at least you got some pictures !

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Boyfriend with a fat cock

Boyfriend with a fat cock

Meet Bob, a 24 year old from New York. His ex-boyfriend found nude pictures of Bob on his cell phone and also noticed he has been sending them to other guys. I understand… if you have a fat cock like this, you got to show it too! His boyfriend felt like he was cheated by Bob and broke up with him. Now he’s trying to get revenge by spreading his nude pictures on the internet. I don’t think Bob has a problem with that, cause he’s a show off!

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Hung amateur boy Derek

Hung amateur boy

Normally we get pics from angry ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends who are looking for ways to take revenge. This one is different though… Derek submitted his own pictures. ┬áHe must be proud of his body and big cock… and there’s no reason not to. I like his hairy body and I am sure he knows how to handle that cock!

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Ex boyfriend Luke naked

ex boyriend naked

Another ex boyfriend exposed! Thanks to Samantha. She used to date Luke and she says he always was a good fuck, but it’s too bad she wasn’t the only one he was fucking. Well, I can definitely understand why the ladies fall for him. Thanks for sharing your not-so-honest boyfriend’s nude pictures on Big Dick BFs, so the rest of the world can enjoy him.

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