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Straight ex-boyfriend Dane

Straight ex boyfriend Dane

Today we have got this scruffy looking straight guy called Dane. His ex-girlfriend Melissa has sent us this photo and I am glad she did. What a great looking guy and what a big cock, too! Melissa says he has cheated on her while he went on a trip to Europe. Yeah, such a nice cock needs attention on a regular basis I guess.

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Ingo makes interesting selfies

Naked boyfriend Ingo makes interesting selfie

Nicole has sent us this photo from her ex-boyfriend Ingo. He’s a German guy and I have to say he makes pretty interesting selfies. He uses his belt as a cock ring and pulls the belt with his teeth, while taking a picture. I am not sure why Nicole and Ingo broke up, but I do know that Ingo has a delicious uncut cock and it looks like he has a very tight foreskin.

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Boyfriend Josh has a big uncut cock

boyfriend with a big uncut cock

Josh is a straight guy from England and the part about him is probably his big uncut cock. It’s soft in this photo, so imagine how big his cock is when it’s fully erect. Josh has a nice body as well and as far as I can see, he seems to have a pretty face, too. I can’t help staring at that fine cock though. Tim has been sending this picture of his boyfriend, but not for the obvious reason. He’s very proud of his boy and wanted to share this picture with the rest of the world. Lucky you Tim!

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