Edwin shows off his juicy uncut cock

7 10 2013

Amateur with a juicy uncut cock

This is Edwin from Amsterdam. He has a lean body and a juicy uncut cock with tight foreskin. His ex boyfriend is looking for revenge after Edwin cheated on him. The ultimate revenge would be to expose him on the internet. While Edwin has no reason to be ashamed of his body and cock, he may not like it. But we do!

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Javier has a big uncut cock

7 10 2013

Guys with big uncut cocks

This hot guy’s name is Javier and other than that we don’t know much about him. However, with a ripped body and big uncut cock, do we really need to know more? Just enjoy Javier and his big uncut cock!

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Handsome guy shows off his cock

6 10 2013

Handsome guy shows cock

This is Mario, a 19 year old guy, who loves to send nude pictures of himself. He usually sends them to girls he meet online, but this time he accidentally sent a nude pic of himself to one of his buddies. His buddy promised to delete it, but instead he used the photo for a prank. And here is Mario, showing off his cock to the whole world.

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Corey’s hot mirror picture

3 09 2013

naked twink boy Corey

Someone has sent us this hit mirror pic. The name of the guy is Corey and his 19 years old. He has a cute face, fit body and a nice uncut dick… unfortunately he isn’t very loyal, cause he cheated on his lover with another girl and a boy. At least, that’s what Linda says.

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Manuel shows off his cock on the bus

3 09 2013

twink boy shows his cock on the bus

Thanks a lot Mario, who has sent us this great picture of his friend Manuel. According to Mario, Manuel loves to show off and get naked in the weirdest places. This time, he shows off his nice uncut cock on a bus. I am not sure if Mario wants to put his friend to shame or whether he’s proud to be his friend. I would love to see more!

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Hot boyfriend Benny shows his delicious cock

24 07 2013

naked boyfriend shows cock

Meet Benny, a 22 year old guy from Atlanta. He was sexting with a guy on Kik messenger and when he sent the guy a mirror pic, the other guy recognized him as the boyfriend of his best buddy. So, after he got busted on Kik messenger, he now gets exposed on the internet.

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Hung guy from Spain shows off

21 07 2013

Hung guy with big uncut cock

José submitted this photo, which he took in a public restroom somewhere in Spain. He doesn’t mention if he knows the guy with the big dick or if he met him there on the spot. The guy has a beautiful big uncut cock and he shows it with pride. Hooray for big dicked Spanish guys!

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Tattooed amateur boy jerks off

13 07 2013

Tattooed amateur boy

hung amateur jerks off

Meet Ben, a hot, straight and tattooed soldier. He was dating two girls who turned out to be sisters and when they found out, they both dumped him. I love his thick and hard piece of meat – cheater or not – I would go for the dick!

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Colombian amateur with a big uncut cock

4 06 2013

Hung Colombian guy naked

Meet Jorge, a 23 year old guy from Colombia. His girlfriend suspected he was cheating on her and after some digging, she found his picture online and it seems he was looking for guys to have fun with. She broke up with him and now she’s getting her revenge. Too bad, you’ll have to miss that thick uncut cock girl!

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