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Kamal shows his beautiful cock

Hot BF Videos

Shana has sent us a nice picture of her ex-boyfriend. His name is Kamal and he dumped his girlfriend after six months. Not sure why he dumped her, but I am sure she misses that fit body, cute ass and beautiful cock. His cock head is big and shinny. That cock must taste great!

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Hot twink boyfriend Duncan shows off

Naked twink boyfriend

Steven sent us a picture from his ex boyfriend Duncan. I don’t know why the two of them broke up, but it’s reason enough for Steven to expose his ex boyfriend. And he does have a big tasty cock, so we’re glad to help him out.  We love skinny twinks with big cocks!

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Ex boyfriend’s selfie

Naked boyfriend shows big cock

This picture was submitted without further comments, except for a few words that I won’t repeat here. Obviously someone is pissed at this guy, who’s name is Taylor. We’re always happy to receive photos of hot guys with big cocks – with ot without comments.

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Nude ex boyfriend Steven

naked boyfriend with big cock

Mark has sent us a picture of his ex boyfriend Steven. After a relationship of two years, Steven dumped Mark. Too bad, cause Steven has a very nice thick cock. I wonder if he   also knows how to use that nice tool. Thanks for sharing Mark, we love that cock!

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Ex boyfriend Eric with his big cock out

hung boyfriend

Damian has sent us this picture of his ex boyfriend Eric. I am not sure what’s wrong, but the relationship between Damian and Eric is over. Thanks for sharing though. I love that big juicy semi hard cock. I can understand you’re feeling bad for missing that beautiful cock!

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Paul’s naked mirror shot

Ripped boyfriend naked

Ok guys… we have let you down for a while due to private issues, but we are back to bring you the hottest ex boyfriends. Our mailbox has exploded, so we have enough hot stuff to upload! Here’s one hot guy that was recently sent to us by Kirsten. His name is Paul and he’s Kirsten ex boyfriend. She was very in love with him, until she found out was Paul was banging one of her girlfriends.

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Hung boyfriend Martin exposed

Straight boy exposed

Martin is a straight guy from Germany. His ex girlfriend has sent us this picture and said that he’s an asshole for leaving her. We can feel your anger, you’re probably missing that big fat uncut cock. Thanks for sharing this well hung guy!

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Uncut boyfriend Frank

uncut boyfriend Frank

OMG, this young guy is really hot. I am not really sure about the story, cause the only thing I know is that Frank doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.  What I do know is that he has a hot body and a really nice uncut cock. Someone is probably mad at him and wants to expose him on the internet. Well, he doesn’t have to be ashamed if you ask me.

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Ex boyfriend Gregory

Gregory jerks his big cock

Gregory is from California. He used to work as an escort boy, but when he met his boyfriend he promised he would quit his job. After a few months it turned out he had never stopped and is still working as an escort secretely. Not only did he lie to his boyfriend, but he also shared that beautiful big cock with other guys. His boyfriend dumped him and shared his pictures with us. Thanks!

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Ex boyfriend / colleague Mark

Amateur boy shows his cock

Meet Mark. He is the former chief of the girl who has sent us this photo. He’s also her ex-boyfriend. They were dating while they worked together at the same office and Mark let the girl take pictures of him showing off his private parts. When the girl found out he was actually married, she broke up with him. A month later, she was fired. Sad story girl, but at least you got some pictures !

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