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Naked army boyfriend Tom

naked army boyfriend

You gotta love it when texting goes wrong. This is Tom, who accidentally sent this naked selfie to his girlfriend. Too bad, he wrote her a message which was actually for his side chick. His girlfriend broke up with him when she found out Tom was seeing other girls and this is her sweet revenge.

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Drexel’s naked selfie

Drexel's nude selfie

Meet Drexel, a cute guy with a nice body and a good cock. His ex lover has sent us this naked selfie as a revenge for being treated poorly. I have no idea what Drexel has been doing, but this hot picture is reason enough to post him here.

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Nude athlete Donny shows his big cock

hung naked athlete

Say hi to Donny. He’s a handsome athlete with a nice body and an extremely big cock. He accidentally sent his nude selfie to one of his team mates. He showed the picture to the other guys in the team and since then they are spreading his photo around. Great friends… and thanks for sharing!

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Hot naked boyfriend Chris

hot naked boyfriend

Hello all, meet Chris. He’s a 22 year old student from California and his ex girlfriend wants you to see him naked. She says that he’s been playing with her feelings and she has not been the only “victim”. She got this photo from another girl who was dating Chris.

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Hot boyfriend Benny shows his delicious cock

naked boyfriend shows cock

Meet Benny, a 22 year old guy from Atlanta. He was sexting with a guy on Kik messenger and when he sent the guy a mirror pic, the other guy recognized him as the boyfriend of his best buddy. So, after he got busted on Kik messenger, he now gets exposed on the internet.

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Ex boyfriend’s selfie

Naked boyfriend shows big cock

This picture was submitted without further comments, except for a few words that I won’t repeat here. Obviously someone is pissed at this guy, who’s name is Taylor. We’re always happy to receive photos of hot guys with big cocks – with ot without comments.

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Hot friend posing while pissing

Friend taking a piss

This is an interesting one. We got this photo from Scott and he says he took this photo of his straight friend Cameron while he was taking a piss. He now wants to share the picture, because Cameron has such a beautiful thick cock. I am not complaining, but straight guys are weird sometimes. And by the way, Cameron seems to have great ass as well.

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Amateur with a big black cock

big black cock

Meet Anthony! He’s a 24 year old straight dude and the funny thing is that he hasn’t pissed off anyone and he did not cheat on a girlfriend. Anthony has sent us this photo himself. He had a bet with two of his friends and lost the bet and as a ¬†punishment he had to submit a nude picture of himself. Oh boy, I hope you keep losing bets! Keep those photo’s coming. I want to see more of that big black cock.

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Ex boyfriend / colleague Mark

Amateur boy shows his cock

Meet Mark. He is the former chief of the girl who has sent us this photo. He’s also her ex-boyfriend. They were dating while they worked together at the same office and Mark let the girl take pictures of him showing off his private parts. When the girl found out he was actually married, she broke up with him. A month later, she was fired. Sad story girl, but at least you got some pictures !

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Hung amateur boy Derek

Hung amateur boy

Normally we get pics from angry ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends who are looking for ways to take revenge. This one is different though… Derek submitted his own pictures. ¬†He must be proud of his body and big cock… and there’s no reason not to. I like his hairy body and I am sure he knows how to handle that cock!

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