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Furry boyfriend Daniel

Hot furry amateur naked

Say hi to Daniel, a hot furry guy. Thanks to his ex girlfriend Melissa, now we can all enjoy his hairy body and nice cock. It turns out he wasn’t as loyal as Melissa thought he was, so Melissa’s revenge is sweet. We’re always glad to help out a girl in problems… afterall we enjoy all your hot (ex) boyfriends 🙂

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Hairy boyfriend Paul

Hairy guy with uncut cock

Here’s Paul, a 26 year old guy from Germany. His ex boyfriend submitted this picture, cause Paul cheated on him multiple times. It seems a lot of guys were interested in his furry body and his uncut cock. Paul seems to have a really tight foreskin, which I love. So, thanks for sharing your ex boyfriend!

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Hairy boyfriend Dave

Hairy boyfriends

This picture was submitted without many comments, but the guy is too hot not to post his picture. All I know is that his name is Dave and according to his ex boyfriend, he’s an asshole. He does have a nice hairy body and a thick uncut cock (and a bad taste in underwear). I think he’s hot and I would love to play with his uncut cock! Thanks for sharing another hot naked amateur boy!

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Hung amateur Dave

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Dave has quite some meat hanging between his legs. This is one of the many pictures he has send to his ex girlfriend. After he cheated on her, she took revenge by uploading his pics to the internet. Another heart-broken girl makes us happy with her well hung ex boyfriend. BTW: I love the power button tattoo!

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Hairy boyfriend Lucas

Furry amateur boy Lucas

Well hello there… this is Lucas, a hairy guy with a nice uncut cock. This picture was taken during a holiday together with his boyfriend. Lucas cheated on his boyfriend right after this holiday, but revenge is sweet. His former boyfriend submitted all of Lucas’ nude pics to The Bear Boyfriend. Thanks guy, we happen to love cute hairy males!

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Naked dude shows off

Bear Boyfriends

Meet Paul, a cute dude with a killer smile, from Ohio. This great picture was taken by his girlfriend during a summer vacation in Michigan. Paul is a bit of an exhibitionist and his girlfriend took a lot of photos and videos during their 4 year relationship. Last year, Paul made a big mistake and cheated on his girlfriend. In stead of forgiving him, his girl submitted Paul’s private collection of nude pictures to The Bear Boyfriend. I wonder if Paul is still smiling.

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