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Amateur beach boy Sean

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Sean loves to go to the nude beach with his friends. The guys always take photos and videos when they are together at the beach. When Sean fucked the girl of one of his mates and that guy found out about the secret love affair, he took revenge by uploading all of Sean’s photos and videos to Exposed Boy Tube. Thanks, cause we love to watch cute naked beach boys!

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Here’s Ian. He loves to visit nude beaches with his girlfriend. Obviously he enjoys the quality time on the beach. His girlfriend shared his pictures with her best friend, but you know what happens with nude pictures that you share? Right, they end up at Exposed Boy Tube! Too bad the photos from Ian’s private collection are no longer private now. lol

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College boyfriend Jeremy

Meet Jeremy, a cute college boy. When he stripped down and showed off his delicious cock for a roommate to take pictures, he probably didn’t know the pictures would end up at Watch My Cock. Well Jeremy, they did. You are one of those hot naked college boy amateurs, which we like to watch while jerking off.

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College Boyfriend Fernando

One day you’re playing truth or dare and the next day you’re on the internet with your cock hanging out. This is Fernando and his friend Richard took some photos during a game of truth or dare. Little did Fernando know, Richard went to Watch My Cock to submit the photos!

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