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Straight buddy Rob shows his uncut cock

Straight boyfriend Rob

Meet Rob, a hot straight boy from Europe. A couple of friends dared him to pose naked for a photo and he did. He probably didn’t realize his photo would be seen by thousands of people once it was uploaded to the internet. Well, he has nothing to be ashamed about, cause he’s got a nice long cock and I love that foreskin-covered head.

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Nude athlete Donny shows his big cock

hung naked athlete

Say hi to Donny. He’s a handsome athlete with a nice body and an extremely big cock. He accidentally sent his nude selfie to one of his team mates. He showed the picture to the other guys in the team and since then they are spreading his photo around. Great friends… and thanks for sharing!

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Handsome guy shows off his cock

Handsome guy shows cock

This is Mario, a 19 year old guy, who loves to send nude pictures of himself. He usually sends them to girls he meet online, but this time he accidentally sent a nude pic of himself to one of his buddies. His buddy promised to delete it, but instead he used the photo for a prank. And here is Mario, showing off his cock to the whole world.

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Hung brother Marc exposed!

hung brother shows his thick cock

This one is rather interesting. We got a submission from a guy named Brandon and he wants to expose his older brother Marc. He says his brother is an annoying guy and that’s why he has sent us this picture. I wonder how you got a picture of your brother showing off his hard thick cock? Never mind, your brother has a delicious cock!

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Hot friend posing while pissing

Friend taking a piss

This is an interesting one. We got this photo from Scott and he says he took this photo of his straight friend Cameron while he was taking a piss. He now wants to share the picture, because Cameron has such a beautiful thick cock. I am not complaining, but straight guys are weird sometimes. And by the way, Cameron seems to have great ass as well.

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Straight friend caught wanking

straight guy caught wanking

Oh I love these kind of pictures in our mailbox. This is Doug, a straight guy who got caught wanking in the shower. His friends took this picture during on of their holidays. Not sure what Doug has done to be exposed on the internet, but do we really care? It’s always nice to see straight guys jerking off when they think they are alone.

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Nude boyfriend Aaron

Ex boyfriend Aaron naked

Aaron is a cute straight guy and as far as we know he didn’t cheat on anyone. This photo was submitted by his neighbor. Aaron gave his old phone to the guy living next to him. Aaron probably didn’t know there were still some naughty photos and videos on his phone. Or maybe he secretly wanted his neighbor to find his nude pictures. Not sure, all we know is that Aaron’s stuff is now available at Next Door BFs.

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Uncut army boy Luke

Uncut army boy Luke

Most of the people who send in pictures of their naked boyfriends are pissed off ex boyfriends (or girlfriends). This time, we got a nice mail from three army boys and they asked us to post this picture of their buddy Luke. They told us, Luke always pranks others and this is their payback. Well, he is kinda cute and we love uncut cocks, so why not? At your service, boys!

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Hung boyfriend Robbie

Big Dick BFs

Oooooh we got another hot amateur boy with a nice sized dick! Meet Robbie. He has taken a lot of mirror pics in his bathroom. Nothing awkward about that, but when he gave away his old camera to one of his friends, he totally forgot about the nude pics that were still on the camera. Well, I am really sure if you would still call that person a friend, since he uploaded Robbie’s pictures. Not that it matters, we like his cute face, big bush and long cock!

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Well hung black amateur

black amateur with big cock

Meet Clarence, a 22 year old guy from Chicago with an enormous dick. He and a friend decided to take nude pictures after a night of drinking. Well, nothing special, but when the guys got into an argument the other day, his friend uploaded all of Clarence nude pictures to Exposed Black BFs. Thanks to his friend, we can now enjoy this cute guy and his massive cock!

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