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Ben has a thick cock to show off

mirror pic big cock

I am not sure who he is and what the story is behing this naked mirror pic, but he sure is hot enough to share with you guys. His name is Ben and he has a nice thick cock and he doesn’t seem too shy about showing off his junk. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

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Straight boyfriend Nicco shows off

straight boyfriend naked

I don’t know much about this guy other than his name is Nicco and he’s a straight dude. He has a great tattoo, hot abs and a nice big cock. He is cute and hot and I wouldn’t mind finding him in my bathroom.

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Hot boyfriend with a thick uncut cock

Boyfriend with a thick uncut cock

Meet Arnaud, a sexy guy with a thick uncut cock. His ex-boyfriend Kevin has sent us this picture and I’m glad he did. This guy can send me naked selfies any time. He has a handsome face, nice furry body and a thick uncut cock. Oh and those balls seem pretty heavy as well.

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Ingo makes interesting selfies

Naked boyfriend Ingo makes interesting selfie

Nicole has sent us this photo from her ex-boyfriend Ingo. He’s a German guy and I have to say he makes pretty interesting selfies. He uses his belt as a cock ring and pulls the belt with his teeth, while taking a picture. I am not sure why Nicole and Ingo broke up, but I do know that Ingo has a delicious uncut cock and it looks like he has a very tight foreskin.

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Hung boyfriend Roy exposed while fingering his ass

Hung boyfriend fingering his ass

Your ex boyfriend submissions always make me so happy. Look what I got today… this is Roy! He’s a 20 year old gay boy and he has a huge uncut cock. Now this is one of the best selfies I have seen in a while. Roy shows off his big cock, while fingering his ass hole. Thanks for sharing Peter!

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Ex boyfriend Dave exposed

Straight boyfriend exposed

Angie has sent us this naked mirror pic of her ex boyfriend Dave. He broke up with her without reason after a 1 year releationship. She now seeks revenge and wants to share Dave’s nude body and nice erection with the rest of the world.

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Straight boyfriend Martin exposed

Hung straight boyfriend naked

We got a mail from Martin’s ex-girlfriend and she wrote us; “he may not be very hot and fit, but I hope you will list my ex-boyfriend Martin on your site”. GURL, I don’t know about your definition of hot and fit, but I think you had a damn fine boyfriend. And he has a huge uncut cock, too! Not sure what he did, but we are happy to list him.

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Naked army boyfriend Tom

naked army boyfriend

You gotta love it when texting goes wrong. This is Tom, who accidentally sent this naked selfie to his girlfriend. Too bad, he wrote her a message which was actually for his side chick. His girlfriend broke up with him when she found out Tom was seeing other girls and this is her sweet revenge.

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Drexel’s naked selfie

Drexel's nude selfie

Meet Drexel, a cute guy with a nice body and a good cock. His ex lover has sent us this naked selfie as a revenge for being treated poorly. I have no idea what Drexel has been doing, but this hot picture is reason enough to post him here.

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Hot naked boyfriend Chris

hot naked boyfriend

Hello all, meet Chris. He’s a 22 year old student from California and his ex girlfriend wants you to see him naked. She says that he’s been playing with her feelings and she has not been the only “victim”. She got this photo from another girl who was dating Chris.

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