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Afghan dude jerks off in train

Public jerk off

We got these unusual photos from a Dutch girl. During her train journey, this Afghan dude sat in front of her, pulled out his cock and started to jerk off. When she asked him to stop, he didn’t listen and kept stroking his cock. Even when she took these photos with her smart phone, he didn’t stop. The girl must have felt pretty uncomfortable, so now it’s time for payback! Exposure on the internet.

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Hung stalker Danny

Hung boyfriend Danny

A big thanks to Karen! She told us Danny is stalking her for more than a year now and he’s even sending her nude pictures of himself. She told him she isn’t interested, cause she is in a relationship. Sorry to hear that Karen, but thanks for sharing your stalker and his big cock! Makes you wonder how cute and well hung your current boyfriend is 🙂

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Hung Boyfriend Leon

Leon seems like a nice boy, but there is something freaky about this young fellow. When his boyfriend Anton ended their relationship, this guy freaked out. In stead of accepting the break up, he kept stalking Anton for months. Anton is through with it and submitted all of Leon’s private photos to Big Dick BFs. That big pink cock probably felt good, but revenge feels even better! Thanks for sharing these hot pictures.

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